A quick recap of my race yesterday: I was racing Florida 70.3 following a great 10 days training in New Mexico after IM St George. More on NM to follow but I would thoroughly recommend it as a destination to train at altitude – at 7500ft, no people, great roads, beautiful scenery, what’s not to like?! With only two weeks since St George this race was a bit of an experiment and I had only entered as my training buddy and New Mexico host Sarah Crewe was racing and hoping to qualify for Vegas for the second year running. Sarah is a super fast 50+ who raced Kona in the early 90′s, used to train with Paula Newby-Fraser, Heather Fuhr and co and is going back to Kona this year now her lovely twins have grown up a little. She also kills me in the swim. We had a fun road trip.

Even by my standards I had a terrible swim. Non wetsuit, in a shallow muddy lake with alligators. Was a little spooked by the gators. Swallowed lots of mud. The field was huge (2500) and being in wave 13 of 18 it was a constant struggle to get past people from many waves ahead. Swim was a little over distance but not much. 37 mins or thereabouts.


Followed plan A which was to time trial the bike. When I drove the course I thought it would be super fast – actually on the day the rolling hills and stiff breeze in the second half sapped my tired legs a little so not as quick as I would have liked. Through halfway in 1.08 and finished in 2.29. Quicker than Nina Kraft, 5 minutes off race winner Jessica Jacobs. Lance beat me by 28 minutes over 90k. I’ll take that. Not going to bother complaining about the drafting but there was a lot. Especially Mr Costa from Argentina who sat on my wheel from 0 to 35 miles before jumping on the peloton that passed me. You’re all class. And obviously don’t understand gestures or indeed English.


Unsurprisingly I felt pretty terrible on the first few miles of the run. It was really really hot, blazing sunshine and the big hill at the start of each lap didn’t help. Downed 4 cups of coke at the first aid station. Time trialling through all but one aid station on the bike perhaps a leetle bit foolish. Filled every part of my kit possible with ice – top, shorts, arm coolers, clenched fists, you name it. You could hear me coming miles off. I did feel progressively better as the run went along and was running low 7min miles by the end for a 1.41.

Finish time of 4.55 was probably around 15 mins below par on this course but not bad given the buildup and limited recovery time since St George. Surprised to take 3rd in AG and 20th overall and after some soul searching took a Vegas roll down slot. I expect to be on form to race much better in Wimbleball in 4 weeks time. Have also made the sensible decision not to race Eagleman on 10 June – I thought I might have been going for Kona and Vegas slots there but with both claimed now I’ll benefit more from training through.

Sarah had a great race to finish in 5.11 and also take 3rd in her AG but no Vegas slot this time after being passed in the finishing chute! She’ll be going for it again at Lubbock in a few weeks time.


Next stop for me, a couple of weeks training in Boulder and then home!!!!


(photos to follow once I get to a computer…)



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